Scans in Prometheus

Scans in Prometheus

After months with the idea in mind, I've finally seen the movie! As a good fan of science fiction movies, I loved it. The archaeological tables from ancient civilizations, that the doctors show at the begin of the adventure, remind me to the Hammurabi Code I was talking in a previous post. 

3D hologram tables 1

 3D hologram tables 2

I was very impressed with the automatic surgeon machine. However, I was expecting the appearance of an alien baby evolution at the end.

Alien evolution

Anyway, this film deserves to be mentioned in this blog because of the scans. There are balls that are floating scanners, instead of being stationary devices, they actually roll around, quite quickly on the ceilings and walls of the ship. 

 Ball scanning the space

 Zoom ball scanning

The team just activate the devices and let them rolling around the entire space to collect data. This data is transferred to their ship and convert it to a real-time 3D model, (looks like the point cloud data that we get). Furthermore, data can be viewed in 3D holograms.

3D hologram tunnel 1

3D hologram tunnel 2

3D hologram structure

Alien space structure 3D Map 

Alien space ship 3D Map

Prometheus Oficial Trailer:

There are some people working on very interesting things now. In this video, Vijay Kumar, from University of Pennsylvania, talks about autonomous agile aerial robots.

I believe that one day we will get scans like the ones in the film!


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